Thursday, May 17, 2012

Emma Claire's Coming Sooner!

Our little ladybug is doing so great!  Her Mama, not so much.  Michael & I came to our OB's office for our routine 2 week check-up on Tuesday, expecting a typical office visit.  That's not exactly what happened, though.  It was our first "meet the partners" visit, which began with an incredibly elevated blood pressure - as in 180 systolic!  I laid on my side in our room waiting for a new blood pressure reading, when in walked the doctor with the news that a new reading wouldn't be necessary because he suspected that I had preeclampsia & was admitting me to the hospital right then for observation.  Stunned, overwhelmed, stressed, very upset - all of these emotions were mine.  He left the room to get things ready, & I broke down.

We've had a really great pregnancy; so far everything's gone incredibly well with both Emma's & my health!  But there have been some disappointments:  discovering that I'm Rh-negative (& had to have a shot), that I have Group-B Strep (& will have to have antibiotics during labor), & now this.  By far, this is the most serious complication that we've come up against.  The plan was for me to stay until they got the results back from a 24-hour urinalysis, which I fully expected would show that I could go home the next day & have bi-weekly monitoring from our OB.  If my protein levels had been below 1,000 mg, that is what would have happened.  Are you noticing the past tense here?  That's not how things have ended up.  My levels were 2,500 mg - nowhere near the severe preeclampsia level of 7,000+ mg, but high enough for them to keep me here.  I foresaw a home-going today, being with my furry babies, & waiting out the next 2-3 (or more, if I could push it) weeks at home.  Not so.  I'm a hospital guest for the next 2 weeks until labor is induced.  That's the newest word here.  Not only am I not going home, but I'm not even going to be allowed to wait until 37 weeks like we initially thought.  Emma will be arriving at the end of this month instead of next like we expected.  So, here's our understanding of the situation at this point:

     ~As long as nothing worsens, we will be induced on May 31.
     ~However, we're in a sort of holding pattern, watching for any worsening symptoms in my blood pressure, labs, or protein, in which case we will be induced sooner, even as soon as next week.
     ~I will not be allowed to attempt a natural beginning to labor; in other words, I will be given Pitocin from the outset.
     ~My labor will be more difficult with this pharmaceutical intervention & increases the possibility of a c-section.

Needless to say, for someone who has her heart set very firmly on a natural birth, this is a hard thing to swallow.  But, I do appreciate having the opportunity to wrap my head around these new developments.  And I have been given the chance to trust what I believe - that God is sovereign, that He loves me, that He loves Emma more than I ever could, that His plans are always best, & that He works all things to the good for those who love Him.  He's blessed us with this incredible gift of our daughter when we least expected it to His glory, & He will work her coming to His glory just the same.

One big positive is that Emma is measuring 1 week & 2 days ahead of schedule & weighs 5 lbs. 15 oz.  Now, I'm not sure how accurate these measurements are, but if they're close, then I'm not as worried about how she will do being delivered early.  Another huge positive is the hospital staff & doctors that are taking care of us.  We already adore our OB, but we have been amazed at the loving care we have received from all of the nurses here as well!  Everyone has been so incredible!  And we are so appreciative.

At this point, what we need are your prayers - & we thank the plethora of people that have already been beseeching our Lord on our behalf.  Your love, prayers, & support mean the world to us!  You have been excited for us from the beginning & have carried us through on your love, prayers, & encouragement.  Words fail to express what all of you have meant to us.  Please continue to go to God for us, especially that my condition will hold steady or improve, that Emma will be allowed to grow for as long as possible before delivery, that all will go smoothly, that a c-section will not be necessary, & that both she & I will be strong & healthy.  Thank you all for being there for us.  We love you dearly.