Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How God Answered

God answers prayer. Always. We may not always like how He answers them, but that is neither here nor there. I asked y'all back in April to pray for our family as we faced the possibility of our sweet Jack being born with one infirmity or another. I think it's time to give an update to let you know how exactly God answered your prayers on our behalf. 

At 39 weeks exactly, my water broke at 5:20 am & contractions began. As I was hoping for a natural VBAC, this was an exciting development for me! We got everything ready & headed to our OB's office once they opened. They confirmed that my water had broken & sent me over to labor & delivery to bring our baby boy into the world. I was hooked up to the monitor to get a baseline reading on Jack's heart rate. Unfortunately, it was elevated & refused to come down. Attempting labor at that point would have eventually put his life in danger. Therefore, I was prepped for a speedy C-section. So speedy, in fact, that we had no one there with us to stay with Emma, so I was wheeled back to the OR alone while Michael remained with our darling girl. The doctors & nurses were extraordinary - one nurse even left to get Michael's phone & took pictures of Jack being born for us! Jack came into this world June 22 weighing in at 8 pounds 2 ounces, looking every bit like Emma's twin! All sorts of tests were run on him & every single one has come back with the same result:  healthy! God has been gracious to us beyond our comprehension, certainly beyond our worth. 

In a week, Jack will turn 3 months old. He's vibrant, joyful, & sweet. He nurses like a champ, & is now 12 pounds 8.5 ounces! He's doing great with Tummy Time, always impressing us with how high & long he can hold his head up. He has the sweetest smiles & coos! Truly, he melts my heart. And what of Emma, our possessive, jealous baby girl? How has she taken to her baby brother? Well, she showers him with kisses all day long. She comforts him when he cries, patting him & saying, "It's okay, Baby Jack. Mama's coming." She cackles about how cute he is & tells him all the time that she loves him. She is hands down the best big sister ever!

All the way around, we are truly blessed by our angels & praise God for how He answered our prayers. We're equally hopeful that He will answer our prayers for their salvation in like manner & invite you to join us in bringing them before His throne. Thank you!

Soli Deo Gloria!