Friday, September 18, 2009

Why adopt? Why Ethiopia? Part 1

Michael & I have been asked more than once now 2 questions in particular regarding our adoption:  Why are you adopting rather than trying to conceive on your own or with a doctor's help?  Why are you adopting from Ethiopia rather than domestically?  I recently corresponded with a dear friend concerning these 2 issues, & I figure that for every person brave enough to ask these questions out loud, there are a few more who are wondering.  So, I would like to share our reasons here.

It's probably easier to start with why we're adopting at all.  First of all, it "just so happens" that we have both always wanted to adopt transracially, specifically African.  We are not able to conceive right now due to my PCOS, but weight loss will clear that up (which we are working on), & Lord willing, one day we will be "bellied up" (an awesome expression that's new to me!).  Regardless of if we ever have biological children or not, we will adopt.  We want to adopt in addition to having biological children, not in lieu of.  Adoption is costly, & we could spend that money on fertility treatments instead.  However, God has chosen not to create a child in my womb right now, while He has chosen to create all of the many children around the world who have become orphans through no fault of their own.  We believe our money is better spent rescuing these children rather than bucking against God's plan for us in our barrenness.  God is concerned with orphans, as He testifies in His Word, & we as His children should reflect His heart.  In adoption, we show the world God's love for & adoption of us.  He is, after all, an adoptive Father Himself.  Because we have been adopted "vertically" by Him, we have a desire to adopt "horizontally" the orphans in this world.  These are children who have no one to love them; no one to protect, support, or comfort them; no place to call home.  They are worthy of all of these things, & by adopting them, we show the world who God is.  Isn't that beautiful?!  We also fulfill the Great Commission in adoption.  We are taking children who, if left as orphans, will most likely never hear the gospel of Jesus Christ & are training them in the admonition of the Lord.  We are discipling them in Christ!  Again, it's just beautiful!

I'll cover why we feel led to adopt from Ethiopia rather than domestically in the next post.


Bailey said...

Cute background :)
I look forward to reading more about the Adoption. I will continue praying for you during this long and (I'm sure) exhausting process... but it is TOTALLY worth it. You and Michael will be great adoptive parents and I know will raise the child up in the Lord. I would love to adopt children later down the road... and of course have children of my own too. Now I just have to finish school and find myself a Godly husband ;)

Love in Him,

The Boyds said...

Thanks, Bailey! I can't tell you how much your comments & support mean to us! I know you'll continue to do great in school & will one day be led to the perfect godly husband by God, just like I was. Thanks again! We love you!