Monday, December 21, 2009

A Blessed Life

I turned 32 today. I'm not sure how that happened...well, I am, but you know what I mean. One day I was 20, & then overnight it seems, I was able to say things like "I haven't seen so-&-so since we graduated 13 years ago." Regardless of what my brother says (who is a mere 2 years younger than I), I realize I'm not old. A fact that my sweet niece confirmed when she called today. But then I don't think you're truly old until you act like it. Sometimes, people who are in their late 80s who think & act younger aren't even old yet! So, anyways, looking back over my life, I see God's fingerprints everywhere. Of course, I see them in His choosing me before the foundation of the world as His child, to be saved from my sin & His wrath by His Son's atoning death. I see them in His blessing me with my family. I see them in His blessing me with my sweet Michael, our pets, & our home. I also see Him in the trying times:
     *My parents' divorce, which He used to drive me to His Word that shows me how to be a godly wife, what a godly husband will be like, & that marriage is from Him & I should rely on Him if hard times come.
     *My molestation, which He used to drive me to reliance on Him for forgiveness toward those who wounded me & gave me a righteously fierce protection over others, as well as intense empathy for others' pain. (As an aside, He also used Mark Driscoll's sermon on expiation to show me that not only did Jesus' death in my stead cleanse me of my own sin, but it cleansed me from the sins committed against me. How freeing!)
     *My infertility (although reversible), which He still uses to show me that He is enough, whether He gives me children or not.
     *The years-long rift between a loved one & me, which He used to show me that while others will fail me, He will not; that He has always been & will always be right there with me, loving me, guiding me, & sanctifying me until I reflect Christ perfectly.

That's the purpose of trials in the life of a child of God -- they are instruments lovingly used by our wise & sovereign heavenly Father to mold us into the image of Christ for His glory. Everywhere in my life, I see proof of God, proof of His love, proof of His guidance, proof that He will work out His plan for my good & His glory. He is an infinitely holy God who is infinitely worthy of all of my praise! Without Him, I am nothing. Because of Him, I've led - & continue to lead, regardless of what trials may come my way - a truly blessed life.

*My gracious Father in heaven, thank you. Thank you for my life & all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon me. Thank you for this wonderful birthday spent with my precious husband.  Thank you, most of all, for giving me You. For being my God, my Father. For saving me from my sin. You never fail me, You always love me & do what's best for me, even when it hurts. Please continue to draw me to You & sanctify me so that I reflect Your Son to the world. Glorify Yourself through my life. I love You, Lord; help me to love You supremely. In Christ's holy name, Amen.