Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Emma's May & June Activities

I've decided it's time for Emma to have more structured activities!  So I'm being ambitious - 9 weeks before Jack's estimated due date! - & have put together a calendar of learning, crafts, & Bible activities for Miss Priss.  I've exclusively used Pinterest for these ideas, so if you want to have the links to them, you can follow my "Emma's Activities for May & June" board.  I have every activity separately linked there.  My plan is to simply repeat the lessons in June that we do in May - after all, practice makes perfect, & I think she'll have so much fun the first time around that she'll want to do them again!  I will most likely change up the craft activities a bit, like do "Dot Marker Flowers" (instead of Butterflies) in June.  The Bible readings come from The Jesus Storybook Bible.  (As an aside, I learned a valuable lesson here to compile the materials list at the same time as I plan my calendar.  It took double the time to go back & look up each activity to make those lists!)

Emma’s May & June Activities


1   Pouring wheat, Painting w/ cotton balls, Bible (62)
2   Cheerios towers, Dyed pasta collage, Bible (70)
4   Pom pom color sorting, Fizzing sidewalk chalk, Bible (76)
5   Playdoh Letters, Butterfly Art, Bible (84)
6   Making Lava, Ziploc bag painting, Bible (92)
7   Rainbow Rice Sensory Play, Paper Towel Tie Dye, Bible (100)
8   PVC Tube Wall, Cool Whip Painting, Bible (108)
9   Simon Says, Dot Marker Butterflies, Bible (116)
11   Fruit Hide & Seek, No-Mess Monsters, Bible (122)
12   Ruler Measuring, Spray Paint Art, Bible (130)
13   Playdoh & Magnetic Letters, Sponge Painting, Bible (136)
14   Shapes Nature Walk (make Shutterfly book), Felt Faces, Bible (144)
15   Color Sorting, Rainbow Soap Foam Bubbles, Bible (152)
16   Craft Stick Shapes, Pasta Sunflowers, Bible (160)
18   Glitter Slime, Bubble Wrap Painting,  Bible (170)
19   Bubble Wrap Painting Water Play, Paper Plate Bird, Bible (176)
20   Rainbow Spaghetti, Rainbow Spaghetti Pictures, Bible (184)
21   Playdoh Animal Tracks, Making Confetti, Bible (192)
22   Balloon Dice Counting, Confetti Collages, Bible (200)
23   Rainbow Math, Cardboard Box Coloring, Bible (208)
25   Shapes Puzzle Picture, Flower Printing, Bible (214)
26   Color Wheel Hunt, Nature Collage, Bible (222)
27   Lids Matching & Memory, Tissue Paper Suncatcher, Bible (228)
28   Thread a Bangle (Busy Bag), Toilet Paper Trees, Bible (236)
29   Stickers on Toilet Paper Roll (Busy Bag), Simple Tie Craft, Bible (244)
30   Craft Stick Shape Puzzles (Busy Bag), DIY Kazoos, Bible (250)

May & June Activities Materials


-different sized containers, big sheet, bucket of wheat berries or beans
-different colors of paint, pompoms, kitchen tongs
-toothpicks, playdoh, Cheerios
-playdoh, straws
-food coloring, baking soda, vinegar
-white rice (10 lbs.), liquid watercolors, alcohol, Ziploc bags
-2 ¼” PVC, suction cups, drill, beans/wheat/rice, buckets
-playdoh, magnetic letters, PD rolling pin & knife
-assorted fruits, basket, “color wheel” construction paper
-shapes printout (Shapes in Nature), camera
-“snow” playdoh (see recipe), glitter, play animals
-lg. colored craft sticks, Velcro circles, shapes printable
-1 Elmer’s glitter glue, borax, bowl, measuring cup/spoon
-Dawn, water, mixer, liquid watercolors, large tub
-“color wheel” felt circles, small bowls, cars, buttons, pompoms, foam shapes, letters, etc.
-large tub, water, plastic bottles, painted bubble wrap
-cooked spaghetti, liquid watercolors, Ziploc bags, tub or pan
-numbered “color wheel” toilet paper tubes, small pompoms
-blown up balloons, dice
-paper, shapes, car/house/tree/clouds/sun cutouts, glue
-lids, foam stickers,
-Ziploc bag, pipe cleaners, beads
-ziploc bag, stickers, markers, toilet paper roll
-ziploc bag, craft sticks, markers
-construction paper, painters’ tape, objects
-ruler, objects


-baking soda, cornstarch, food coloring, vinegar, spray bottle
-card stock butterflies, Wikki Stix
-paint, Ziploc bags, masking tape
-paper towels, food coloring, bowls/cups
-muffin tin, cool whip, food coloring, wax paper, tape, brush
-paper, paint, googly eyes, cut out shapes for features, glue
-3-4 spray bottles, paint, water, large paper, tape
-cardboard, felt, sharpie, pencil, scissors, Ziploc bag, paper, glue
-cardstock, rotini noodles, yellow & brown paint, green pipe cleaners, glue
-bubble wrap, blue paint, beads, glass gems
-confetti, paper, glue w/food coloring, brush
-paper plate, paint, brushes, scissors, glue, craft feathers, googly eyes, construction paper beak
-strips of colored paper, bowl, hole punch
-paper, muffin tin, paint, cotton balls, clothes pins
-rainbow spaghetti, paper
-large cardboard box, markers
-paint pallet, paint, flowers, paper
-construction paper, black marker, paint, buttons, ribbon, scissors
-toilet paper tubes, green construction paper, red & green paint, scissors
-paper towel roll, tissue paper, glue, wax paper, rubber band
-contact paper, tissue paper, scissors, yarn, hole punch, construction paper
-foam plate, dyed pasta, glue, spray starch
-construction paper butterfly wings, craft stick, glue, dot markers
-foam plates, paint, white painting paper, sponges, scissors, black pipe cleaners, black marker, scraps of construction paper