Tuesday, September 28, 2010

God is Love

Sunday night I felt like crying myself to sleep.  I just felt sad & overwhelmed by life.  Yesterday, on the phone with Mama, I finally did cry.  Ginger's cancer is back again.  My answers to a family member's questions could damage the relationship.  Another person in my life is too much for me to deal with.  We have so much stuff to move out of our little home to declutter it.  I'd love to sell it, but there's another headache.  Our LA home is still being readied for the market, so we're still paying two mortgages.  Sigh.  Overwhelming & sad sums it up.

Then, J.I. Packer steps in & reminds me:

     "Every single thing that happens to us expresses God's love to us, and comes to us for the furthering of God's purpose for us. Thus, so far as we are concerned, God is love to us--holy, omnipotent love--at every moment and in every event of every day's life. Even when we cannot see the why and the wherefore of God's dealings, we know that there is love in and behind them, and so we can rejoice always, even when, humanly speaking, things are going wrong. We know that the true story of our life, when known, will prove to be, as the hymn says, "mercy from first to last" -- and we are content."  Knowing God p. 123

Suddenly, all is right with the world.

Thank you, Lord, for being love to me.