Saturday, April 16, 2011

Awry Plans Redirected

Wow!  This week has been a doozie!  Proverbs 16:9 says, "A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps."  That was definitely the case this week!  Of course, it always is, but it seems to be more evident when God's directives are completely contrary to our plans.

Our Plans:
     -Monday:  Paint & rehang the porch swing
     -Tuesday:  Woodworking (Michael), spend the night @ Beth & Chris'
     -Wednesday:  Visit a dairy farm, go berry picking, & make jam
     -Thursday:  T.E.A. time, sew a new skirt, couples' Bible study
     -Friday:  Grocery shopping, clean house

God's Directives:
     -Monday:  Call from Mama, pack to go to LA, shelter @ Michael's mother's house through a tornado warning
     -Tuesday:  Leave very early, take care of house business, see family, spend the night with Daddy
     -Wednesday:  Leave for home even earlier, doctor's appointment for Michael, crash exhausted for afternoon/evening nap
     -Thursday:  Lunch with Sweet T & Sommer, raging migraine that won't quit
     -Friday:  Load up the dogs & head to the hospital parking deck to take shelter for a few hours under yet another tornado warning, begin reading Pilgrim's Progress

Michael queried what God's purposes for this past week could have been.  I'm not sure, but I think one of them could have been that we were given an opportunity to cheerfully give up our plans to follow His, without question or grumbling.  I'm sorry to say that we failed magnificently.  Instead of looking at these disruptions to our plans as God sovereignly working out His plan for our lives for this week, we moaned & groaned not a little over these inconveniences.  We weren't trusting, we were annoyed.  Why is it so much easier to accept God's sovereign plan in grand ways, but so difficult to do so in the ins & outs of our days?  Perhaps the best way to look at this whole thing is that our plans were awry & were redirected by God.


Lisa said...

You didn't grumble once you got to LA! :)
One thing that has struck me recently is that being a Christian can be challenging. But if life was less than easy for Moses, Jesus' disciples, and especially Jesus (just to name a few), why would I expect it to be easy for me? His grace is sufficient.... that's what I keep repeating...over and over and over.

Love y'all!