Monday, August 15, 2011

Snapshots of Our Life

I love pictures!  Don't you love pictures?  One of my favorite blogs does nothing but share pictures & fun captions.  I haven't shared any pictures in a while, so I trawled through ours & found some that you haven't seen yet.  I hope you enjoy them!

 Thankfully, he still has all of his fingers!

 "That's my stick!"  "No, it's mine!"

 The fruits of his labor.  This thing isn't going anywhere!

 It's a hard knock life!

 We're taking our doctor's advice here & going with a bear attack.

 Mmmmm . . . cheese!

 Chillin' under the shade of the crab apple tree

 For once, I was able to surprise him for his birthday!

 Mini meatloafs inspired by Sommer.  Soooo good!

 No power after the tornado meant candlelight, open windows, & pizza for supper.

 This girl always wants to be outside!

Sunny sunflowers from our anniversary.


Elizabeth Davis said...

I like to see snapshots of your life Chrissy...thanks for sharing. May you and I both cherish Christ today for all He is worth!

The Boyds said...

Thank you & Amen!