Wednesday, October 5, 2011

See & Be "Courageous"!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the newest Sherwood Pictures' film "Courageous" is sweeping through the Christian community.  A few months ago, I shared the trailer with you & enthused about our anticipation for its release.  Well, Michael & I saw it last night, & let me just say that my anticipation for it was nothing to its realization!  We both thought the movie was phenomenal!  So much so that at the end of it, I actually clapped!  (There were only 3 other people in the theater at that late hour, so it wasn't too embarrassing for Michael.  hehehe)  The film is overflowing with emotion, drama, & even humor.  (I thought I was going to "bust a gut", as they say, from laughing so hard during the "Snake King" part!!!)  The presentation of the Gospel is excellent, & the call for men to be responsible, godly, & faithful is unmatched.  Michael & I both give our wholehearted recommendation for this movie & strongly encourage everyone to go see it, maybe even more than once!  And, don't just see the movie, but take its message to heart.  Stand up & shout, "I WILL!" . . . & then follow through.  Soli Deo Gloria!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chrissy - glad you and Michael were able to see the movie last night!

Yes, I agree with you that the movie has a great mix of humor, drama, action and men calling other men towards godly leadership in the home. Also, the Gospel was presented - yes and amen!

My two critiques are as follows:
1. No offense, but the director/film producer/writer/whoever "bit off more than they can chew" in regards to the flow of conflict + resolution. There were so many conflicts to resolve by the end of the show (and, by golly, they are going tow resolve EVERY conflict). By the end of the movie I felt emotionally drained as I watched all the conflicts in each man's life be miraculously resolved in approximately 2.25 hours. This is a very minor critique.
2. I was disappointed with the scene where the main character (who lost his daughter) came with tears, submission and brokenness to his pastor and he asked his pastor for some pastoral advice as he was facing an immense and real time of severe suffering. The pastoral advice was thin to say the least. Really, the only counsel he gave the guy was to “trust God” and when people are in that place they need to be told why they can trust God; they need to be given biblical support during their suffering; they need to know that God is for them, loves them and disciplines His children; they need to get much, much, much more from Scripture and their pastor. I don’t know if I am overreacting (that can definitely be true about me!), but I guess I saw a golden opportunity for the world to see Christians respond to suffering with hope in Christ and reliance upon His Word.

Anyways, those were my thoughts – thank you for asking and listening. All in all, definitely a movie worth watching again!!!

The Boyds said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Elizabeth. Looking back, I definitely see your second critique. I think that's probably the one area, more than any other, that unbelievers can see how our faith is real & life-changing. I think it's in those moments when people will ask us "to give an account for the hope that is in [us]". That was an opportunity squandered. Although, I did walk away feeling like he lived that out in the rest of the movie. It could just be me placing my own beliefs on it, but I felt like he couldn't have gotten through that horrifying situation without his faith. Hopefully, that was explicit; I honestly can't remember. Thanks again for your comment! I definitely agree that it's a movie worth seeing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chrissy,
Yes, I agree with you that after that conversation with the pastor the main character did live out a life of faith and hope in the midst of his trial/suffering. That is one thing that made the movie so good in my opinion - you could see that only God could work in someone's heart to live in hope after such a tradegy. I just didn't see that conversation with the pastor (if it were in real life) being a primary means of God helping a man live a life of faith since the conversation seemed limited and insufficient.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and thank you for yours! Hope you enjoy your time riding bikes with Michael!