Sunday, January 22, 2012

'Bye, Emmy

Emmy is my pretend dog.  Not because she's not real, but because she's not mine.  But she & I like to pretend otherwise.  She routinely abandons her real home to visit ours.  She runs up our driveway to her pretend house so she can play with her pretend siblings & get love from her pretend Mama.  She runs around her pretend backyard & gobbles up Jake & Josie's food (which isn't so pretend).  She wallows on her pretend Mama's lap & shares lots of kisses while she gets a belly rub.  Sometimes she does this more than once a day.  It's an arrangement that works pretty well for us.  Except for when we have to stop pretending & I have to walk her back to her actual family.  Understandably, I guess it's an arrangement that doesn't really work all that well for them, though, because sometime this coming week, Emmy will have a new real family.  And it won't be ours.  :-(  I know it's for the best, because she could get hurt escaping all the time as she does.  And, I know why it's best that we can't have her, but my feelings for her aren't pretend, so it hurts.  I hope Emmy will be happy with her new family, but I sure will miss her visits.