Saturday, January 8, 2011

Puppy Musings

We never planned on being a two-dog household.  From the moment I first saw Ginger & then brought her home, I've been perfectly content with just her, never feeling as though anything was lacking pet-wise.  Then we received the cancer diagnosis.  I didn't know how long I would have her, but I knew that I had to get another dog before I lost her.  Not to replace her; that can never be done.  But I knew that if I waited until after God took her to get another dog, he or she would always be lacking.  Just as no dog could ever replace her, nor could another one ever compare with her.  If we adopted another dog while she yet lived, memories could be made & love could be forged that would be untainted by her death.  Thus, we got Jake.

I, in case you didn't know, am a dogaholic.  I will leave my home & cross the street & even stop people in public in order to pet a dog.  I squeal with delight when we're driving down the road & I see a dog's head hanging out the window of a passing car.  If ever I come upon a stray, I will bring it home - something that's only happened once, amazingly.  Pounds & shelters are difficult places for me because I just want to bring all of the dogs home with me.

So, Michael warned me earlier this week that we were only looking as we pulled into the no-kill shelter's parking lot.  That was his only rule as he turned off the ignition & walked around to get me out of the car (as all gentlemen should) - don't get attached; we're just looking.  For once, he didn't really have to warn me.  My love for canines is firmly established, but I just wasn't all that excited about possibly getting another one.  Ginger's death hangs over me, casting a gloom over my heart when I consider the possibility of another dog.  And like I said, we never intended to have two dogs long-term.  So, why consider it now?  Well, because of Jake.  As we desired, memories were made & love has been forged, & not just between him & us, but also between him & Ginger.  Michael says that Jake loves me above all, but let me tell you, he thought Ginger hung the moon.  He loved her, & was very attached to her, so we worry that he needs a companion.  He also needs a playmate.  I can throw a ball & take him for walks, but I can't run around & play rough with him because I get skewered by his teeth & claws!  I'm very delicate, you know.  ;-)  I can't help him expend pent-up energy like another dog can.  Even so, I worry.

Right now, I can still enjoy dogs, but can I love another one?  Can I bring one into our home & allow him/her into my heart?  Jake is securely loved & brings me such joy.  But I worry that Ginger - memories of her, my love for her, my sorrow over losing her - will cast a shadow over a new dog right now.  Michael assures me that I will love another dog, & maybe he's right.  At least, I know that in time, I definitely could.  And yet again, I know myself well enough to know that all it would take is one puppy kiss to have me smitten, even now.  Whether or not we'll adopt a brother or sister for Jake right now remains to be seen, but I can promise that y'all will be some of the first to know if/as soon as this happens; pictures - lots of them - will assuredly follow any new addition!

In that spirit, here are a few of the pictures from when we first got Mr. Jakey-man.  He was just the cutest thing ever!  And still is, of course!

Be still my heart!  I love this dog!