Sunday, June 5, 2011

Adventures with Josie

Cute, isn't she?  Don't let that face fool you, though, she is not innocent!  She is lovable, energetic, funny, eager to please . . . and has a serious case of wanderlust.  Michael told me when we got her that she was going to break my heart with her propensity for climbing fences.  Today, she very nearly did.  Little Miss Josie is clever enough to wait until I walk away from my back door look-out post to make her escape, as she did this afternoon.  Normally, she's just nosing around the magnolia tree when I catch her, but today, when I went back to check, she was nowhere to be found & didn't respond to my frantic calls.  I fled through the house - trying not to disturb Michael, who was still sleeping off his work night - jumped in the truck, & tore off down the road screaming her name from the open windows.  I was a puddle of tears by the time I stopped to ask some neighbors if they had seen her; they probably thought I was crazy.  Of course, the whole time, I was praying in short bursts.  Pretty much all I could get out was, "Please, God, please!"  As I left the neighbors & turned around, there she was, heading back home.  When she heard me calling, she thought I was home, & she was booking it for the backyard.  But as soon as she realized where I was, she wiggled her way to me, at which point I sobbingly scooped her up & drove her home.  Somehow, Michael had known something was wrong & was waiting on the front porch as we pulled up.  Once I got her settled, I dissolved into tears on his shoulder.  He was none too happy with her for the distress she caused me, but I'm just happy she's home safe & sound, contentedly demolishing a rawhide as we speak.  Silly girl.  We're definitely going to have to do something about that fence.


Lynn said...

I love that last picture! She looks cute but oh, so mischievous.