Thursday, June 30, 2011


A week ago today, Michael went to the doctor by himself, & I cried. Since the birth of our marriage, we have always gone to each other's doctor appointments, so I was upset that I wasn't able to get ready in time for this one. We are happily joined at the hip as much as possible & tease that we're considering surgery to make it permanent. ;-) We are unhappy apart & blissful together. That's not to say that we feel the need to do absolutely everything together; Michael had lunch today with Arnold, & I spent time with Sommer last week. But more than anything we revel in each other's company. In reading our TEA time Bible study book - Becoming the Woman of His Dreams - I found confirmation for our inseparable tendencies.

"There is such a thing as creeping separateness. What do young people who are freshly married do? They can't rest when they're apart. They want to be together all the time. But they develop separate interests, especially if they have separate jobs & some separate friends. So they drift apart. Pretty soon they have little in common except, maybe, the children. So the stage is set for one of them to fall in love with someone else. Later they'll say the reason for the divorce was that he/she fell in love with someone else, but it wasn't that at all. It was because they let themselves grow apart." pg. 120-121

If you pay attention to the conjunctions "but" & "so", you'll see a causal relationship. Because they develop separate interests, they drift apart. Because they drift apart, they are vulnerable to outside advances. It's wise for a husband & wife to cultivate, maintain, & pursue commonalities together, because in doing so, their marriage will be stronger. Perhaps Michael & me "being attached at the hip" isn't such a crazy thing after all! ;-)