Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Blissful Anniversary

I am so loved by my incredible husband.  So very loved.  He is . . . sigh . . . wonderful.  He shows me day by day how much he loves me & further highlights how insanely blessed I am to be his wife.  But this past week, he really outdid himself!

This past Thursday marked our 4-year anniversary.  In that funny way that time works, it seems impossible that it's been that long, & yet it also seems as though I've never known another reality.  I've certainly never known a superior reality!  This truth was underscored by the surprise celebration of our special day completely planned by my beloved.

Our celebration actually began Wednesday afternoon.  After packing everything up & dropping the dogs off at Allie's, we headed up to "the big city", where Michael had surreptitiously reserved a beautiful hotel room - complete with whirlpool tub, king bed, & loveseat.  After getting settled in, Michael whisked me off to Superior Bar & Grill (a reminder of my LA roots) for supper.  As instructed, I secured a table while he parked the truck.  What do I see as my beloved approaches our table but him carrying a beautiful yellow lily!  The hostesses (who had been told it was our anniversary) squealed with delight & gushed about how romantic he was.  It brings smiles to my face even now.  Following supper, he took me over to The Cheesecake Factory for our traditional strawberry shortcake dessert - which was divine - & a slice of cherry cheesecake.  Our waiter - also having been told that it was our anniversary - brought out a plate decorated with "Happy Anniversary" in chocolate sauce!  As I gazed out the window by our booth, I felt such contentedness at being with this amazing man.  He makes life so special!

This is really good so far, huh?  It doesn't compare with what awaited me as we returned to the hotel!  Now, you may know that our song - my favorite song - is Louis Armstrong's "La Vie En Rose".  And, you may also know that Michael & I both really like "Brown-Eyed Girl".  Well, my precious husband sneaked in a portable CD player, & we danced to both of these songs.  I have to admit, that when "La Vie En Rose" began to play, & I realized what he had done, I cried.  Following that up with "Brown-Eyed Girl" was smart, because the peppiness of it made me laugh.  As he twirled me around the room, I exclaimed, "I feel like Julia Roberts!"

You would think that was enough, right?  As Sweet T would say, my love tank was definitely full.  Apparently, my darling Michael wanted it to overflow!  He had also brought up his "Things I Love" list for us to read through.  We each made lists of the things we love early on in our relationship.  It was a good way to get to know each other better, & it's also a great tool for surprising someone on any special occasion.  Well, Michael brought his so we could read through all the things he liked about me then & he could reaffirm them.  Isn't that sweet?!  Guess what else he brought for us to read through . . . our vows.  We read them responsively so that he read his parts & I read mine.  We even kissed when he's told to "kiss his bride"!  Remember that whirlpool tub I mentioned earlier?  A little while later, he called me into the candlelit bathroom for a bubble bath!  It was the absolute perfect night celebrating our 4 years together, & I fell asleep perfectly contented.

The next day, the celebration continued as we visited Michael's favorite restaurant - Johnny Ray's - for lunch.  Just before we had left the hotel, Michael snuck a love letter into my purse.  I pulled it out & read it aloud when we finished eating lunch.  It was a good thing that we sat by the window so that I could turn away from the rest of the patrons while I cried.  He expressed such love for & happiness with me that my heart was fit to burst!  After drying up - & eating pie - we went to Solid Ground Christian Books for Michael's anniversary present & spent a good 2 hours visiting with Mike Gaydosh.  He's such a dear man to us both!  Michael got some great books, & we had some wonderful fellowship with this lovely man.  Of course, a stop by Costco is mandatory on any visit to "the big city", some of the fruits of which are being enjoyed by the puppies as we speak!  While there, my beloved purchased an exquisite bouquet of sunflowers!  I tied them up with ribbon & have them sitting right where I'll experience their loveliness most.  They're such happy flowers!  After leaving Costco, we picked up the dogs, got settled at home, & then enjoyed dinner at Olive Garden.  (Needless to say, we won't be eating out for months!)  It was so funny:  upon hearing Michael tell our waitress that it was our anniversary, 2 other couples right by us announced their anniversaries as well!  As I watched those other couples off & on (my attention was really taken up with Michael), I noticed that the husbands were rather unengaged.  Once again, I was filled with thankfulness to be married to my beloved, who was completely focused on me.  He is remarkable!

I know this is long, but I hope you've enjoyed my gushing over Michael & his anniversary surprise for me.  I'm only going to keep you long enough to tell you one more thing, a part of one of our conversations, from me to Michael:

"I have no need for purchased gifts, for what store could possibly contain anything to even remotely compare to the gift you are to me?  When God gave me you, He gave me everything I ever wanted."

I love you, my darling Michael!  Happy Anniversary!


Lynn said...

That is so sweet and precious! Way to go Michael, and Happy Anniversary!

Jennifer Dean said...

You guys are so sweet!! Happy anniversary!!

The Boyds said...

Thanks, y'all! Love you both!