Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Official Divided the Movie (HD Version) from NCFIC on Vimeo.

Michael & I watched this movie last evening & were quite intrigued.  We found the arguments for father-to-child discipleship & against age segregation in the church to be quite compelling.  We would like to hear from y'all.  After watching the movie (which isn't all that long) & dealing with the texts discussed therein, please let us know your thoughts.  We hope y'all enjoy the film as much as we did!


Anonymous said...

Hey there Boyds! I hope you don't mind that I, likewise, posted this video to my blog.

I found the video to be quite confirming of my already-held-to beliefs, as well as challenge me in areas where I tend to let the traditions of men shape my view of the church rather than allow the Scriptures to be all-authoritative.

I found two things in the video that were unsettling and/or irritating:

1. the statistics at the beginning of the video laid a foundation of human-thinking in regards to the sin of man rather than lay a more Bible-centered approach to God's sovereignty in salvation and man's depravity from birth. Plus, I have issues when one speaks of statistics and God in the same context.

2. the film maker (Phillip) wore the same clothing most of the film...which I thought was a bad film move on his part because he was "traveling across America" and I highly doubt he was wearing that vest and jean pants the whole time.

The last comment was a joke...but in all seriousness, thank you for posting this and it was worth watching.


The Boyds said...

Hey back, Elizabeth! I noticed that you also posted the video & was pleased. Thank you so much for actually getting back to us on your thoughts regarding the film.

I didn't even think about your first point, but I can definitely see the validity in it. I guess I was looking at it like using man-centered "wisdom" to show the futility of man-centered "wisdom", if that makes any sense. The Word of God should absolutely be our foundation period.

Your second point is too funny! I remarked to Michael that I liked his outfit, & he asked me if I wanted him to dress like that. Not as much, that's for sure! It would get old.

Along the same lines, I'd love to know what you think about Voddie Baucham's "Children of Caesar". Well, come to think of it, it's actually about public vs. homeschooling. So, it's not actually along the same lines, but I'd still love to know what you think.

Papa Russ and Grandma Shilloy Lowe said...

Howdy! I can totally make sense of your comment about man-centered wisdom showing the futility of man-centered wisdom.

About the film (is it even a film...maybe it is a book?) by Voddie Baucham's called "Children of Caesar," I am unfamiliar...but, I will familiarize myself with it via internet. Ben and I have discussed together the homeschooling versus public education options before, so I do have some personal thoughts.

I'll get back to you once I looking into Voddie Baucham's "Children of Caesar." Do you mind sharing your thoughts as well?

Thanks and God's grace be with you on this Sunday!

The Boyds said...

Howdy back! I'm assuming the last comment was from you, Elizabeth.

It might be both. I'm not sure about the book, but Michael & I have the film. It's been a while since we watched it, so I need to watch it again, but I remember wholeheartedly agreeing with the content. I was also very . . . um . . . radical at that time, too, & have simmered down some now. Even so, as a former PST, I know we'll be homeschooling! I'll let you know more details once I watch it again.

Blest Mommy said...

Hi There! Thanks so much for posting this! It was awesome and I had never heard of it before. I am going to post it to my blog as well.
I first started learning about the concept of "family integrated church" when we heard Pastor Voddie Baucham at a homeschool conference.
I enjoyed seeing him interviewed on the subject as he uses scripture as opposed to popular opinion, as well as some of the others such as Paul Washer.
You are right, it is very compelling. This could be just as much a documentary for homeschooling as it could be for "the family integrated church".
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I apologize for posting under my parents name - Grandma Shilloy and Papa Russ...but I guess now you have met my parents.

Anyways, I watched Voddie Baucham's 2 minute video on his "Children of Caesar" book. Although it was short, I kindof got the direction he was going. He made a good point about sending children to Caesar and not be surprised to get back Romans. He seemed passionately convicted about children being educated by their parents and not by the world. His point is well-stated and should be heeded by Christian parents striving to raise up children in the fear of the LORD.

As for my humble opinion in the matter: Ben and I are strongly convicted that the public school system is not the place to send our young children. However, we are uncertain of what our convictions will be once they turn a certain age of maturity. I do not want my children to be inward, secluded from influencing the unsaved world and be unaware of the seriousness of sin. Thus, at this time (with absolutely no experience in haviing children of my own), I feel the public school system (part-time and possibly full-time) would be a good setting for my child to blossom as an evangelist if Ben and I are seeing godly maturity to discern right from wrong, as well as maturity to talk with us about what is going on his/her daily activities in school.

These thoughts are subject to change for sure. But, I am cautious in fully accepting the "all-homeschooling" system of things because I have seen (limited cases) families and churches become quite dogmatic about this conviction that those parents who do send their kids to the public school are viewed as ungodly and unwise parents...when in reality they have prayed and labored over this decision of sending their kids to school.

From a non-PTS and non-parent,

The Boyds said...

VERY wise words, dear! One of the pitfalls to avoid is becoming dogmatic over this issue, that's for sure. It's a pitfall that I, unfortunately, fell into at first, actually thinking that it was sin to send your children to public school. I have since come out of that craziness, & realize that Scripture gives principles that are worked out differently in practice in individual believers' lives. It seems to me that y'all are taking a very thoughtful, measured approach to making this future decision. I'm glad someone wise like yourself speaks into my life!

And I loved meeting your parents! Their names are awesome! ;-)