Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!

I was 18 years old when the doctor diagnosed me with PCOS & laid down the news that it would be difficult if not impossible for me to one day conceive without medical intervention.  Being an 18-year-old with no prospects for marriage in the immediate future, I didn't shrug it off, but I wasn't overly concerned.

I married Michael when I was 29, & we were full of hope for our future.  We knew we had a hard road ahead of us in the children department.  And thus has been our experience.  In the course of our marriage, we've had grief over a disrupted adoption process & childlessness.  I'm ashamed to say that I even railed at God a few short months ago, momentarily questioning the most basic truths of His love & goodness like a child throwing a temper tantrum because she's denied something she wants.  I've had my medical diagnosis against me & neither Michael nor I are what you'd call slender, if you know what I mean!  ;-)  With PCOS, this is a definite strike against conception.  Almost 4 1/2 years have come & gone since our wedding, & we've done pretty good at beginning a healthy, active lifestyle . . . but not so great at maintaining it.

Almost 2 months ago, something just clicked, & Michael & I not only began eating healthy & exercising, we kept it up.  We trekked down to the bike trail that winds along the river 4 days a week, I worked out on the weekends while Michael went to his job, & we completely eschewed eating out, opting instead for home-cooked meals & homemade smoothies.  No more ice cream, fries, or deep-fried chicken for us!  Now we focused on farm-fresh eggs & dairy, coconut oil, fruits & veggies, & smaller portions.  When I was hungry, I would picture my stomach & try to eat enough to cover the bottom instead of filling the whole thing.  We ate just until we didn't feel hungry anymore; no more stuffing ourselves.  And we felt great!  Even on our camping trip, we strove not to undo all our hard work & maintain these principles.

Three days ago, Michael came home with a pregnancy test in hand.  I looked at him sideways & initally refused to take it.  Yes, I was late, but that had happened not so long ago as well, so I had decided that my body was simply rebelling against me.  Yes, I'd had a little nausea the last 4 evenings, but that was just the food I'd eaten.  Again, apparently, my body just hated me.  But, I can't look into those beautiful blue eyes & deny him anything for long.  So, I took the test, all the while lamenting that I didn't know why on earth we were doing this.  "I'm never going to get a positive!", said I.  He asked me to check to make sure the line in the test window showed up, indicating that we had done the test properly.  I picked it up.  "Ummmm . . . I think you need to come in here & turn on the light, because I think my eyes are playing tricks on me!"  There it was - a bold, blue plus sign.  But, that just can't be.  My brain shut down.  We snapped a picture on the cell phone & sent it to Beth, because I thought she would know what this meant.  I just couldn't accept what I was seeing.  She squealed with delight, "YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!"  Michael raced out to get a digital test while I peppered her with the same questions repeatedly:  "Can you get a false positive?"; "Can I trust this?";  "Is this for real?"  Three days later, I'm still stunned.  I keep looking at Michael & dreamily saying, "We're having a baby."

We're having a baby!!!


Lynn said...

Wow! I can't believe it, either! It's such exciting news, and I'm so happy for you and Michael, dear Chrissy. (I, too, love the digital tests; they seem so much more official.) :)

tracyplus4 said...

Absolutely a beautiful, miracle-filled story. God is AWESOME! So excited for you guys. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby. CONGRATS!
Tracy Bailey

The Boyds said...

Thanks so much, Lynn & Tracy! Michael asked me if I was going to throw the tests away since we have pictures. Ummmm . . . they're in my purse! ;-) I liked the digital one, too, until the screen went blank Monday. I guess I just thought it would say "pregnant" forever. At least I still have the "old-fashioned" one with the plus sign! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Praising God with you Chrissy! I have been waiting for this blog post because...I knew it was coming. I really, really enjoyed reading your story and God's work in your lives! Ben and I are filled with great joy in hearing about God's precious gift given to you two!

The Boyds said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! Michael & I have been so incredibly touched by everyone's excitement on our behalf. Y'all make us feel so loved! Know that we love y'all back!

Jennifer said...


This post made me cry! Oh so happy for you!!


The Boyds said...

Thank you so much, Jennifer! Thank you for your prayers, for your friendship, & for your excitement on our behalf! I love you!

April Hollingsworth said...

Gotta love those digital tests!