Saturday, December 11, 2010


A little birdie may have told you that I'm a crier.  I'm here today to confirm it.  I cry all the time.  Okay, not really all the time, but really quite often.  Never for a frivolous reason, though.  Michael is frequently amused to look up from something or other to see me crying.  Not that he laughs at me; he just doesn't expect that reaction from me.  Although, he's starting to wise up now.  "My tender-hearted little wife", he gently says as he sympathetically pats me.  I've always been this way.  Sometimes I've lamented that God made me so sensitive (although it's much better than the alternative), especially when the sympathy cry comes upon me.  You know the one:  you see someone else tear up or even just hear it in their voice, & your dam breaks.  Uh-huh.  That's totally me.  I'll also be attacked by the angry cry, especially if I'm tired & things aren't going smoothly.  Then there are the touching cry (when someone does or says something particularly sweet, even if it's not to me), the freaking-out-scared cry (I think I scared a friend who watched "The Book of Eli" with me thanks to the almost rape scene), the thankfulness cry (especially when I ponder the Gospel of Jesus Christ or the gift that Michael & our marriage is to me), & of course, the sad cry (which needs no explanation). So far this week, I've cried over:

     -An adoption fund being started at the church we're visiting.  I think it's a fabulous thing for them to do, so I cried for that reason, but it also reminded me of the adoption we had to stop because we didn't have funds to complete the homestudy.  And that stings a lot.  Unrealized dreams really hurt.

     -A song.  There are an awful lot of songs that make me cry.  Take "The God We Praise"; pretty much that whole CD will set me off.  But this week, it's my favorite song from my favorite Christmas CD.  "Hosanna!  Hosanna!  The Lamb of God has come!  Hosanna!  Hosanna!  He is the Promised One!"  Every single time I sing those lyrics & ponder that God kept His promise by sending Jesus Christ into our world, I dissolve into tears.  Every.  Single.  Time.

     -A friend's tears.  I have a new friend (whom I already adore) who cries just like I do!  We got together this past week & every time she teared up, I had to fight back the tears myself.  I wasn't completely successful, & I think our waiter was quite concerned over our cry fest.  He hovered a lot.  Good thing he's not a crier, too, or we'd have been done for!

     -An email from Mama.  Y'all know that I'm disappointed (although not dwelling) about not getting to go home for Christmas.  Well, I opened up my email yesterday morning to Mama asking "if it's okay" for her & Dad to come visit.  I burst into tears, this time completely uncontrollable, & obviously told her "yes!"  Actually, it was more like "YES!  YES!  YES!"  There were lots of exclamation marks, smiley faces, & capital letters.  See, tears can be happy, too!  They'll get here on my birthday & stay a couple of days.  I'm sure tears will be present then, too.

I can't really think of anything else that brought on the waterworks this week.  I guess it's really been a dry week, considering that we're talking about me!  ;-)


Anonymous said...

I am really glad your parents get to join you for the holidays...what a blessing.

I had a quick question: what is the "adoption fund" at your church? Is it something that could help you guys adopt in the future? If so, that would be wonderful...what a great idea!

The Boyds said...

Thanks! I definitely feel blessed! I'm not sure what the adoption fund will actually entail; it's just been voted on. If we were to become members at some point, it might be a help to us, but I'm not sure what the process will be. We're still drawn to Ethiopia, & I hate to let that go. But we might be able to look into domestic adoption if it appears that God has closed that door to us. Or, we could do both! Thanks for being interested & praying for us. I really appreciate you!!!