Saturday, December 4, 2010

God is the Standard

I was pointed in the direction of this article by Al Mohler yesterday.  One particular paragraph stood out to me, so I'm quoting it below.  It's a point that I'm constantly trying to make - that God, not we, is the barometer by which all things are measured.  I think it bears repeating, especially by a man whose gift of communication far exceeds my own!

"[T]o say that God is righteous is not to say that he passes muster when tested against our own understandings of righteousness. To the contrary, we gain any adequate understanding of righteousness only by coming to know the self-revealing God who is himself righteous. One of the central problems of modern thought is the attempt by human beings to judge God by our own categories of moral perfection. Our proper responsibility is to bring our categories into submission to the reality and revelation of God."