Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm 33!

"Old . . . as . . . dirt!", my brother proclaimed as I answered his phone call.  After some bantering, I asked, "Have you & Michael been talking?  Because when we were in the grocery store earlier, he looked down an aisle & said 'You're getting pretty old.  Think you need those Depends?'"  Chris cracked up!  Which of course made me cackle, because he has the best laugh!  We are a very sarcastic family who loves to playfully pick on each other.  We laughed our way through the conversation.  Especially when - as we're standing on the porch, mind you - Mama & Dad's white truck cruises past our house not once, but twice.  Of course, Chris was more than happy to call her on my behalf & harass her!  ;-)

I wanted to get lots of pictures of them arriving (finally!) & our whole time together, but we were so involved in catching up & just being together that I only got a few.  And those are with the dogs!  We sat around talking for a while & then had my dad's famous steaks as my birthday dinner Monday night, followed by me opening my presents.  Even though I told him not to, Michael completely spoiled me!  It was really sweet!  Basically, when I gave him ideas for some things I'd like, he just got me all of it!

I made pancakes & sausage for breakfast Tuesday morning, which held us really well until that evening when we went to Olive Garden for supper.  I was supposed to make red beans & rice, but waited until too late to start.  Mama & I were also supposed to make Granny's Chocolate Sheath cake & fudge, but we renege on plans every time we get together because we spend practically all our time talking!

They left right before 9 this morning & are almost home now.  Tears flowed when they drove away, & we already miss them.  The time flew by far too quickly, but we promised not to let so much time go between visits again.

I wish we'd gotten more pictures, but here's a sampling of the ones we did take.

 Ginger loves her Papa!

 Jake got so much attention from Papa that he smells like Papa's cologne!

 She ate all this attention up!

 Jake was none too pleased with all of the "Ginger love", but was more gratified when he got lots of personal attention from his Mawmaw.

Inventory:  The Lord of the Rings trilogy (gorgeous hardcover illustrated books & the extended-cut movies) plus The Hobbit; both Narnia movies plus "Up", "How to Train Your Dragon", & "The Ultimate Gift"; all of Brian Crain's CDs; Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom & Butterfly Flower shower gel, lotion, & body spray; a couple of children's books The Rag Doll & Over the Fence; Comforts from the Cross; The Hidden Life of Prayer; Through Gates of Splendor & The Shadow of the Almighty, both books about Jim Elliot.

Just as I was about to publish this post, Michael ran in with another box calling "Happy Birthday!" again.  Can we say, "overboard"?!

Light Keepers complete box sets of "Ten Girls" & "Ten Boys"; 4 books from a series new to me called Chosen Daughters:  Against the Tide, Wings like a Dove, Dr. Oma, & A Cup of Cold Water; & Living Faith

My parents coming for a visit, spending my 3rd birthday as Michael's wife, being spoiled rotten by my family (with love & gifts) - it's been a fabulous birthday!


Abby said...

So glad you had such a fun, spoiled-you-rotten birthday!! I need to talk to Michael about that Lord of the Rings trilogy set...I looked for that b/c Shane asked for that for Christmas...couldn't find what he wanted. ;-) Love you sweet friend!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you racked up!! Glad you had such a happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

So happy you had a wonderful and memorable birthday with your parents and husband!

Lynn said...

Wow! You really did get spoiled this birthday! I'm glad it was such a special time with your family. (That set of LOTR books was KJ's first Christmas gift to me when we were dating.)