Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake!

Yes, I am writing a happy birthday post for our dog.  ;-)  It's our little man's 3rd birthday today!  Although, "little man" is not the most accurate name for him any longer, as you'll see!  He got excited this morning when I squealed, "Happy Birthday!" & then gave him a bone.  Rawhide, of course.  He was so little when we got him, & it's hard to believe that he's already 3 years old!

Here he is at 4 months old . . .

And now, at 3 years old!  He's a big boy now!

Just as when he was a puppy, I expect that toys, bones, & comfort (& love, of course) will always be at the top of Jakey man's priority list!  He's a good boy, nigh on the perfect dog, & we love him!