Saturday, December 24, 2011

Michael's Model

When you are married to a woman who is 13 weeks pregnant & whose morning sickness not only lasts all day, but is set off by pretty much everything other than her lying in bed on her side, what do you do?  Well, you've come to the right place, because I have some ideas for you!

     *Lay beside her & stroke her hair & back;

     *Set aside your plans to clean the living room so that you can fulfill the above-mentioned idea;

     *Run out to get lunch so she doesn't have to worry about fixing something;

     *Decide not to complete your last-minute Christmas shopping in Birmingham because riding in a car is one of those afore-mentioned triggers, & you can't stand to go without her;

     *Get some of that last-minute shopping done around town, allowing her to stay home in the bed;

     *Show lots of understanding & sympathy about her situation, especially when she laments about being a "bad wife" because she's having difficulty cooking & keeping house;

     *Run to the grocery store to pick up items that might help her nausea, even though it's late at night;

     *Be forgiving for her overly sensitive emotions.

There, that should be enough to be getting on with.  And if you need more suggestions, simply ask my beloved.  After all, he's the fella who fulfilled every one of these ideas all in one day, all without prompting from me.  Haven't I told you before that he's a marvel & a gift from God?  I love my Michael Boyd & am immensely grateful for him!


Anonymous said...

I'm praying that the nausea goes away during your second trimester!

The Boyds said...

Thank you! Although, I do hope it's immediately replaced by some other indicator that everything's going well. I don't think I'd enjoy being indicator-free! ;-)