Thursday, December 8, 2011

Researching Ron Paul

Have you ever wondered why I post videos about Ron Paul on a blog devoted to Christianity?  Well, I'll tell ya - it's because my beloved & I both believe Ron Paul to be the most consistently godly man in politics.  If you're one of those who believe that he must be outspoken about his Christian beliefs, this may surprise you, because other than references here & there to his Christianity, you won't hear him say much.  That's because rather than exploiting his Christian beliefs for political benefit, he simply lives out his faith, both privately & publically.  For us, this is a bonus, not a detriment; whereas, we are completely turned off by politicians who talk a good game about family & faith while living hypocritical lives.  So, we think Christians need to pay more attention to him.  We firmly believe that Americans would support him more if they would cease being sheep & simply spend their time researching Paul's views & voting history for themselves, rather than relying on the mainstream media (including Fox News) for their information.  That's how I came to love him myself.  Michael told me during the last election that he was the best man.  I didn't take his word for it; I didn't take the media's word for it that he wasn't.  I spent hours upon hours watching videos & reading about him from unbiased sources.  And in doing so, it didn't take me much time to see that he was, indeed, the best man.  And he still is.  So, in that spirit, I give you more Ron Paul videos to help in your research.  A final thought:  if you, like so many others, erroneously believe Ron Paul to be "anti-Israel", you'll want to start with the bottom video.  That'll set you straight!  ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Chrissy! Hope you, Michael and baby M&M are doing well.

About Ron Paul: my major concern with his politics is that his libertarian beliefs do not seem to coincide with a biblical worldview. It seems like God has certainly ordained a role for government in restraining evil. Our founding fathers knew this very well...that's why they instituted all the checks and balances in our government. It seems like Ron Paul believes too much in the goodness of man to govern themselves.

Thus, while I am not enamoured by an other specific canidate, I cannot support someone like Ron Paul due to what I mentioned earlier. What do you think? This is just my humble opinion.

The Boyds said...

Hey, Elizabeth! We are doing well, although I'm dealing with a great deal of nausea, indigestion, & tiredness. But, these things let me know that everything's working as it should, so I'm actually looking at them as gifts. Thanks for asking!

Thanks for your opinion. Because you ask, I'll tell you that your comment is somewhat baffling to me. As Ron Paul is the only strict Constitutionalist, I don't see how he's simply relying on man to govern themselves. He believes in adhering to the founding fathers' beliefs & intent in framing the Constitution. He's not in favor of removing all laws & allowing anyone to do anything they wish. He is in favor of the government not being in every facet of our private lives, & since that would remove them from so much, I suppose it could seem like a removal of all law. But a closer look reveals that it's not. His belief, which he has fought for during his 30+ years as a statesman, is that the states are sovereign & have the power & the right to govern themselves without federal interference. The only power that the federal government possesses is that which is given it by the states. He also believes in the sovereignty of other nations, meaning that they should not have to get permission from America before handling their own matters. These were the founding fathers' beliefs. All of his decisions are made within the confines of the Constitution. As this is the law of the land, I really don't see how his views result in what you're saying. I have yet to hear anything from him that conflicts with a biblical worldview; could you perhaps expound on that for me? Unless you mean something in line with theonomy, which is not a view we hold. But that's a whole other discussion! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey there Chrissy! Thanks for explaining more about Ron Paul and his political views.

I am glad to hear that he does not advocate for such a limited government that the people end up ruling themselves. It just seems in what I have heard from him that he may believe in too little government. I can completely concur that the states need more control and say...but, there is still a role for the federal government (which I know you believe and probably Paul does as well)...I do believe that there is a role for the federal government in restraining evil and wrongdoing. We needed the federal government in regards to the Civil War and slavery in the southern states (for instance).

Thanks again for taking your time to explain more...I appreciate it!!

The Boyds said...

Absolutely! You're right, I agree - as does Ron Paul - that the federal government is needed, but in a very limited sense, as outlined by the Constitution. The Founders warned about the federal government becoming out of control, saying that it needs to be caged. The Constitution is supposed to be that cage, but our "leaders" - while vowing to uphold it - spend their time ignoring & contradicting it. I highly recommend you reading The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas E. Woods. It's quite an eye-opening book!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chrissy!