Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Football Idol

Can I tell you a little secret?  I have a love-hate relationship with the college football season.  I never cared in the least about it until I married Michael, but I have since come to really love certain aspects of it.  Others, I can't stand.  Like, how every Fall we get into a discussion over whether or not we need a TV & cable just so we can watch the games.  ;-)  Far worse than that, though, is people's attitudes.  Even professing Christians!  Being on Facebook is sometimes not such a good thing; the college football season is a perfect example.  I see moms, teachers, medical professionals, & even seminary students spew spiteful, angry, & intentionally rude comments about opposing teams & their fans.  So, I'm here today to offer people a reality check.  Here goes:  Folks - It's. A. Game.  It's a game, for goodness' sake!  Unless you are employed with a college football program, or you are a reporter, or you are in some other way directly involved in making your living working with college football, then it doesn't affect your life.  So, stop taking it so seriously!  Now, if you do not fall into one of these categories, & it is - in fact - affecting your job, your home life, your relationships with friends & family, your relationship with God, then you need another reality check:  football is your idol.  Really quickly, let me ask a question of my fellow believers.  How open do you think unbelievers that see or hear your vicious remarks will be to your witness for Christ?  The Gospel is already an offense to those who are perishing; how much of an open door do you think they'll give you when you've already offended them over something as trivial & ridiculous as football?  And for those who are already saved by the blood of Christ, is it seriously your desire to anger & offend those who are part of your eternal family?  A lot of times, it certainly seems so.  It's not wrong, nor is it a sin, to have a favorite football team & to cheer them on.  No, what's wrong is lashing out, sometimes with obvious relish, at those who aren't a part of or don't support your favorite team.  What's wrong is having your emotions so tied to the game that if your team wins, you're on cloud nine, & if they lose, you're down in the dumps.  How much attention are you giving the Spirit of God who dwells within you when you behave in these ways?  Not much - more likely not any.  Support your favorite team.  Cheer them on & have fun.  But do it remembering that football is not eternal or even important.  And walk away from the game prepared to focus with gusto on the only things that are:  the Word of God, God Himself, & the souls of men. 


April Hollingsworth said...

Thanks! I couldn't have said it better myself. There was someone (from our church) who said, "You can't cheer for Auburn and be a "true" Alabama fan." Oh really? Who made you fan police? I personally hate the sport. I was somewhat of an Auburn fan until the trees were poisoned and the Auburn "nation" acted as if their mother had died. Leaving notes for trees to get well, lighting candles...seriously?

The Boyds said...

April, this made us laugh! "Who made you fan police?" And the "mother had died" part! You're so funny!