Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Oversexualized Culture

Sex is highly valued in our culture & has become increasingly graphic in the media, even in programs targeted at children.  For example, Michael & I once went out to eat with Beth, Chris, & the kids where a TV was playing a cartoon in which the female character flashed a male character that she wanted to win over.  Granted, they blacked out her exposed chest . . . but it was a cartoon, for goodness sake!  From cartoons (incredibly), to prime time TV, to talk shows, to commercials, to movies - the media that we view for hours each & every day is saturated with sex.  I find the trend - & the blind acceptance of it even by Christians - to be very troubling.  To give a bit of perspective, I'd like to share a couple of excellent articles from Girls Gone Wise, one on the oversexualization of young girls & the other taking on the graphic depiction of sex (& its corresponding message) in "Black Swan".  I found the media links in the first article & the comments to the second article to be thought-provoking as well.  Take a moment to think about the impact of our sexualized culture not only on ourselves, but also on those we love - especially our children.  We have a choice on whether or not to allow this influence in our homes, & it's our responsibility to make the godly choice.  May God help us to do so.