Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring this year is beyond weird.  Trees & shrubs began budding & even putting out new leaves in February!  Some plants have already gone through their metamorphosis, while others haven't even begun.  It all feels very disjointed.  Some of our plants went through their change so quickly that we weren't even able to capture it on film.  Others, such as my hyacinths, are just about to bud.  Since we're sort of in between stages right now, I thought I would share our Spring pictures from last year.  Once we have some new pictures from this year, I'll share them, too.  Enjoy!  God's creation is lovely to behold!


Beth said...

So pretty! Love it :-)

Lisa said...

Chrissy, those are beautiful pictures! You are a wonderful photographer.

The Boyds said...

Thanks! I enjoy taking pictures, especially of God's handiwork!