Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prayers for Drawn From Water

**Update #2:  What we were all hoping & praying for did not come to pass.  God, in His wisdom & love, has a different plan.  We don't know what that is or what the end result will be, but we have to rest in His sovereignty & goodness.  He knows, & that's enough.

*Update:  There is a new post with details about the current struggle at DFW.  It's disturbing, & I ask that you pray even more fervently.

I just saw this & wanted to pass it on.  I've told y'all about Drawn From Water before, & I think that what they're doing to save children's lives in Ethiopia both presently & eternally is amazing.  They're asking for our prayers now, so I'm asking you to come alongside me & all of the other believers who are beseeching God on their behalf.  May God move in mighty ways for the good of His children & the glory of His name!