Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Your Arms

In Your arms is where I want to be
When my world comes
Crashing down on me
So hold me close keep me Yours always
Bid me, break me, be my rock
For now and all my days

Whom have I when my heart
Begins to fail
And sorrow fills the streets
And sounds of death prevail
Jesus is my hope and I know
He stills the wind
So take my very life away
As long as I get Him

My soul longs for the day
I'll see Your face
When sin and death will pass
And tears are wiped away
So let the sky fall down
And earth and cities quake
And I'll say of my God and King

Lord, blessed be Your name

~In Your Arms, The God We Praise, The Church at Brook Hills

These words are rock-solid & the music complements it so beautifully. I have 2 favorite parts of this song. One is "So take my very life away as long as I get Him". The other is the very end of the song where Mandi sings "Blessed be Your holy name" over & over. All the while, the men sing "Jesus" & the women chime in with "Hallelujah". It's absolutely heavenly & I feel like I'm transported into God's presence each time I sing with them.

Lord, blessed be Your holy name. You are my beloved.  All I want is You.