Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Business of Being Born

This is, I think, the fifth time I've watched this documentary.  The first 3 times were all in one weekend.  I remember calling Michael at work & saying, "Guess what we're doing?!  When we have children, we're having homebirths!"  This coming from a girl well-versed in (& more than content with) pain meds thanks to numerous kidney stones.  So, believe me when I say, this documentary is life-changing!  I cry every time I watch it.  **Warning:  As this is a film about birth, there is some nudity.


Anonymous said...

All of my births were natural. And the scene with the young doctors saying that they never see a natural birth is spot on. I can't remember which babies, but students at DCH requested to attend my births when they found out I was going to go without meds. I declined. :) I wanted to home birth, but my doctor told me that they are illegal in Alabama. I don't know if that's true, but Karl was not comfortable with the idea of home birth anyway...just in case there was an emergency. I have some great birth stories! Of course, what mother doesn't think she has great birth stories? :)

The Boyds said...

Leslie, that is so awesome!!! Your doctor was half right. Homebirths themselves are not illegal, but doctors pooled their resources & clout to push for licensed midwives to be illegal in AL. Of course, that angers me, because it takes away our choice. There are ways, though, to still have a homebirth in AL, so that's still my dream. I would so LOVE to hear your birth stories! I'm constantly reading them from strangers, so I would revel in them from someone I know & love!