Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zeus, A Cast, & A Picnic

I've been waiting to share some pictures with y'all from the last few weeks, but every time I hooked up the camera to retrieve said photos, the computer wouldn't recognize the camera's existence.  It suddenly occurred to me a few minutes ago that I could insert the camera's card into the computer & try that.  It worked.  Duh.  Hey, I never claimed to be techno-savvy!

 Meet Zeus!  He's a beautiful, sweet, calm (for the most part) Great Pyrenees.  No, he's not ours; he belongs to Michael's sister's family.  He's definitely a keeper!

 He & Jake loooove to play together!  Do you see how huge he is?!  For reference, Jake is ~2 1/2 years old here; Zeus is ~4 1/2 months!  He's gonna be a big fella!

Josie's not too keen on Zeus playing with Jake.  I think she sees Jake as her playmate, & she doesn't care to share!  We had to hold her back (at our own peril) or put her in the kennel so they could play.  She voiced her displeasure, believe me, she voiced her displeasure!

 After dealing with a very sensitive, easily pained pinky finger for nigh on a month, I finally went to the doctor.  He said it wasn't the bone, but that I had injured the tendon.  My guess is that the dogs hurt it.  I pulled a Michael, & the cast didn't make it through the day.  I couldn't function, so thankfully, I was able to slip it off & replace it with a splint.  I'm supposed to have it removed this Thursday.
I don't know what I'm going to tell our doctor . . .

 During TEA time, I was struck by the desire to surprise Michael with a picnic lunch!

 So, I picked up the necessities, & he drove us out to one of our favorite places . . .

the lake where he proposed a little more than 4 years ago!

Oh, the joys of family, love, & memories!