Monday, September 12, 2011

Recipe of the "Week"

It seems that everywhere you look, people are talking about how to increase our fruit & vegetable intake.  A while back, Michael & I found what has turned out to be the perfect way for us . . . smoothies!  We bought a Vitamix & started mixing it up!  I thought I would share one of our favorites with you today.  Enjoy!

Smoothies Galore!

Look at that beautiful color!  Chock-full of berry goodness!

Ingredients (for a single serving):

     -1/2 c. water or milk (water if you want fewer calories)
     -1/4 c. yogurt (optional; we've started leaving it out because it contains so much sugar)
     -honey (~1 T; I just pour it in)
     -coconut oil (~1 T; this is my fat source, but 1/2 an avocado will work, too, & will give you a creamier smoothie)
     -flax seed (again, I just pour it in, but I would guesstimate ~2 T)
     -almonds (a couple of handfuls for protein, or you can use an organic, farm-fresh egg, which will also make it creamy; do not use a store-bought egg)
     -1 banana
     -strawberries (~1 c., or a bit more)
     -blueberries (same as strawberries)
     -spinach (1 handful; other greens such as kale will work as well)

It helps to have at least one frozen fruit; both our strawberries & blueberries are frozen in this smoothie made for 2.

Always make sure to layer your ingredients with liquids first.  Blend until it reaches the desired consistency, using the tamper to push ingredients into the blades.  I let mine run until it's flowing smoothly, like a fruity whirlpool.  The single serving is somewhere around 20 ounces, or a little more than 2 cups, & it's easy to increase or even double that amount.  Play with it & have fun!

See those lovely flecks?!  Mmmm-Mmmm good!