Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Parenting Resources

Since I mentioned parenting in my "Marriage Works!" posts, I thought it might be helpful to point out just a few of my favorite parenting resources.  Even if you're not a parent yet, like me, it's never too early to get started because there's so much to learn!  And even if you are already a parent, it's never too late to infuse some practical, godly wisdom into your life!

The Duties of Parents is an excellent little book!  One of the things that makes Bishop Ryle one of my favorite authors is that he doesn't mince words.  He's a straight shooter & makes no apologies for laying out God's Word as the foundation for any area of life, including parenting.

Parenting is not about modifying behavior to meet social norms.  It's about reaching your child's heart.  True salvation is not found in outward conformity but in heart-change.  And what we want more than anything is for our children's hearts to be altered so that they love God supremely.  Shepherding a Child's Heart gives you the tools for godly parenting.  I will say that if you're anything like me, this approach to parenting is so different from your natural mind-set that you'll have to read it multiple times!  ;-)

I cannot give a personal recommendation for Gospel-Powered Parenting, because I haven't read it yet.  However, I have heard good things about it.  So, my advice is, as in all things, read it with discernment.


Elizabeth Davis said...

Hey Chrissy,
Thanks for sharing these parenting resources. I was looking at Credo Magazine for the first time the other day and they have some good book reviews. The most recent review is on Bruce Ware's (I am a fan!) book titled "Big Truths for Young Hearts" that looks like it would be a good resource when doing devotions with children. Anyways, I thought I would share it with you because Bruce Ware is very solid and he doesn't shy away from the biblical terms that people think young children cannot comprehend. The website is:

God's grace be with you today!

The Boyds said...

You know, Elizabeth, I think we might be kindred spirits! Big Truths for Young Hearts is sitting on our coffee table as we speak. Michael & I used it for a little while during family devotion just to see what it was like & really enjoyed it. You're absolutely right, Bruce Ware is solid! Maybe I should devote another post to resources to use with children.