Monday, September 19, 2011

Secret Church!

"Family, Marriage, Sex, & the Gospel"!  These are the intertwining topics that David Platt will be covering with us in the next Secret Church on November 4.  If you haven't been to a Secret Church yet, I strongly encourage you to come to this one!  Secret Church is 6 hours of intensive teaching from Scripture.  It's incredible, & it's well worth those 6 hours!  After all, what is there in this life more worthy of such concentrated time & attention than God's Word & its application?

Tickets are already sold out to attend Secret Church at The Church at Brook Hills, but churches all over the nation are simulcasting the event.  Some are even hosting Secret Church in homes & backyards!  If your church hasn't signed up yet, encourage your leadership to do so now!  And if you've missed previous Secret Church events, don't fret.  All of the resources - including study guides - are online for you to watch, listen, & study!