Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bungalow Bustlings - Monday

When people find out that I'm a housewife who gets to spend the majority of her week with her dearly beloved, they often ask what we do.  Nothing grand, I assure you, but I thought I might make a photo essay of one week to show the happenings here at the Bungalow to answer that burning question.  For your viewing pleasure, I present . . .

Bungalow Bustlings

 Nothing starts the morning off right like play time . . .

 and honeysuckle candles!!!

 Michael replaced our worn-out diverter & now our shower works beautifully!

 More play time . . .

 followed by nap time!

 A tall glass of raw milk & a piece of King cake courtesy of Publix - a snack perfectly suited for this Louisiana girl during Mardi Gras!

 Some things have been allowed to slide since Josie came along.

 Playing with the new rope.

 New puppy = constantly dirty clothes = forever running washer!

 Enjoying the spring-like weather . . .

 in the backyard.

 Our hyacinths are coming up!

 Talking to Mama

 Sitting on the porch enjoying the weather ourselves!

 Another view.  Wish I'd taken a picture of our visit from a neighbor & her dog.  :-(

 Our date night meal . . .

 followed by a visit to, well, you can see where . . .

 & finished off with some ice cream!

Home sweet home


Lynn said...

Looks like a fun Monday! I love the last picture of your house with the light left on for you.