Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bungalow Bustlings - Wednesday

As I said in my previous post, Wednesday was a sad day for me.  I grieved intensely for my sweet Ginger, wishing that she were still here with me.  You're about to see pictures from our day, which - grieving aside - was actually a good day.  Of course, it wasn't easy to compartmentalize my grief & enjoy it very much, but I can look at these pictures & know that we had a good day regardless.  What you won't see are the tearful sobfests or my visit to Dr. H to thank him for taking such good care of my baby girl.  Some things are better left to memory.  But, now on to the good things!

 YUMMY breakfast!

 Cooking the meat . . .

 for taco soup!

 Michael had a unit meeting . . .

 during which time I bought fabric for a new skirt to replace the one that I ruined in the "pen in the dryer" episode!

 We bought some new supplements at a local health food store.

 I prefer Lowe's, so Michael went in alone.  ;-)

 Michael's mom stopped by & got acquainted with Josie.

 Prayer meeting + Membership meeting = Leaving late.
It was worth it!

Hopefully wearing themselves out so they sleep soundly!


Lisa said...

I love that you had a good day! And I love the fabric! Very pretty!

Lynn said...

I love the details of your days. (And I wish I had some Taco Soup!)