Friday, February 18, 2011

Meet Josie Elaine

Little Miss Josie was a spontaneous addition to our family.  We spent Tuesday night up at Beth & Chris' to celebrate Kara's 10th birthday.  Becca was looking at puppies available for adoption on PetFinder.  She scrolled through dozens upon dozens of pictures, with me picking out several that I liked.  Even though I've been dragging my feet at Michael's suggestions to get another dog, being the dogaholic that I am, I love looking at them.  So, having no intention whatsoever to actually get another dog, I was still immediately smitten when Becca thrust a picture of this sweet little dog in front of my face.  I instantly knew that she was mine.  Even though I had balked at Michael's offer to stop to look for a dog just the day before.  And even though she was a good 2-hour trek from Beth's.  Unspontaneous person that I am, I for once threw caution to the wind & we all piled up in Beth's van to go get our new baby girl.  I called the shelter & asked them to put her on hold for us, which they graciously did.  Even so, I was nervous that someone would get there before we could after their lunch break, so I jumped out of the car to wait anxiously by the door & was the first person through when they opened back up.  We were led back to her, got to spend some time in a room by ourselves with her, & carried her out as our new baby girl!  She has a super sweet disposition, loves to be held, & smothers everyone with kisses.  She's shown a little playfulness toward Jake, but I think she's a somewhat frightened by his size.  As always, he's the instigator, trying valiantly to get her to wrestle.  She's attempted to show dominance a couple of times - again, I think out of fear for his size & persistence - so that's something we have to nip in the bud.  She also possesses amazing agility!  She speedily pounces on any toy that's thrown, & last evening I had to pluck her off our dining table as she attempted to pilfer our supper!  Sneaky little booger!  I hope she's going to be a good playmate for Jake & a good dog for us.  It's always a little nerve-wracking at first, but I think she will be.  Keep us in your prayers, though!  We're going to need lots of consistency & patience!


Brad said...

Cute dogs...